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frequently asked questions

I cannot connect the controller to my WI-FI


Download the latest version of Smarter Grill on playstore (android) app store (Apple)

Bluetooth is on on your phone / tablet

allow everything when installing the APP

register with user name and password (minimum 8 characters)

the WI-FI network 2.4 Ghz

The bbq is supplied with power for a maximum of 2 minutes (the controller can be found for a maximum of 2 minutes before connection) if in doubt, unplug and plug it back in.

The router password has a maximum of 12 characters

hold the phone / tablet no more than 30 cm from the controller and wait until connect at the bottom of the display turns red and then press connect.




how can I best turn off the pellet bbq

Always with the on / off button, NEVER pull the plug to turn it off, important that the shutdown function can do its job.

Open the lid until the fan stops


starting up the pellet BBQ

The Eastwood and Goliath are particularly well insulated due to the double wall, which means that the start-up temperature can rise higher than the set temperature, it is best if you want to set the temperature to 150c, first set it to 120c and if it is around this temperature is only set at 150c.

if you want to set the bbq on, for example, 300C, it is best to set it to 200c first, then set it to 250c when it has been reached to 300c.


The bbq starts up as follows:

the first 6 minutes the burner stays on and enough pellets are fed to create a stable fire after these 6 minutes the set program (temperature) starts running


Smoke is coming out of the hopper bin

Do not panic, it is not the hopper bin that is on fire but a few pellets that have smoldered at the end of the pellet transport tube and there is a draft towards the hopper bin.

This can have various causes, a heavily soiled burner pot or the bbq turned off and the lid not opened, this is especially important at high temperatures.

The best thing to do when smoke comes out of the hopper is to turn the BBQ on at about 150c and open the lid of the BBQ.

the worm gear will feed pellets and transport the smoldering pellets to the burner pot it can sometimes take 10 minutes (depending on how long the smoke has been coming out of the hopper, the longer the more pellets were smoldering) once the smoke has disappeared from the hopper you can turn off the bbq (leave the lid open) or set the desired temperature again, then close the lid of course



What is and what does the eco mode do (only WI-FI controller)


we are the only pellet bbq brand with this unique economical and quiet setting, which works between 71c and 110c

this comes into effect automatically if you set the temperature below 110c (6 minutes after switching on because of the start-up of the bbq)

The fan will run much slower and the pellet supply will also get a more economical program.

we have developed a program so that we can do this in a constant way (the colleague brands try to achieve this by running the fan at various speeds, so that there is a constant high / low noise level which is very unpleasant)

Because we let the fire in the burner pot burn very gently and smolder pellets when supplied, the noise is minimal and a nice smoke is constantly emitted without being really overpowering.

(the reason that there is no predominant smoky taste is also due to the high quality pellets that have the right composition of the right mix) therefore use our smokey pellets.



Important to know for every pellet BBQ user


Incorrect or not starting up a pellet BBQ almost always causes the burner pot not to be cleaned.
I will briefly explain how booting works.
The glow element turns on and pellets are transported into the burner pot, heating the pellets by the glow element and air (oxygen) blown into the burner pot by the fan ignites the pellelts.
now it goes wrong !!
If the burner pot is filled with ash so that the glow element is below the ash, the pellets do not come into contact with the glow element so do not ignite !!
The burner pot will eventually fill with too many pellets after a few minutes.
after a while pellets will still start to smolder because the glow element will glow through the ashes, but then there is an excess of pellets which has accumulated causing enormous smoke development and unburned gases !!
Ultimately, a flame does come out because oxygen is still being blown into it and then the unburned gases can catch fire, causing a large flash of flame and for a short time a lot of pressure is released that even the lid can pop up.
So always check before you light the pellet BBQ if the burner pot is empty !!

So if it takes longer than normal for smoke to come out and if there is an excessive amount of smoke afterwards, OPEN COVER and turn it to off.

When everything has cooled down, clean the burner pot, after which the bbq can be restarted.

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Zuinigste pellet smoker grill
Prijs kwaliteitsverhouding de nummer 1 van Europa
BBQ pellets met het meeste rendement
Zeer zuinig in verbruik met optimale smaak sensatie